Adhrit Inc Pvt Ltd

At Adhrit Inc, we have always believed in the importance of building a great, enduring company and products that strikes a balance between profitability and social conscience.

From the beginning, Adhrit Inc has set out to be a different kind of brand and company. We believe in hard work and fuel our customers hard work with the help of providing then thought luxurious items in affordable prices. In doing so we have managed to established ourselves in Tea & Coffee business with the inclusion of a well established Cafe brand that aims to provide luxury at affordable prices. And thus there comes the coining of our tag line “We make Luxury Affordable“. This brought a feeling of connection to our customers with their success when they visit us or any of our outlets.

We are proud to inform you that we fully operation in Nepal and rapidly expanding our operations. For more information you can visit: Cafe Desire Nepal Facebook, Canova – Professionial fully automatic coffee machines Facebook, Canova Cafe’s Facebook pages. Please like our pages to get regular updates on our additional products and services including offers and discounts.

Adhrit Inc is Happy to say you that we are now available in multiple states in Nepal. We have already begun our operations in Birgunj Nepal which will work as our state office to deal with customer queries.

Currently we serve Cafe Desire Tea & Coffee Vending Machines that are available in direct Sale and under Corporate Plan. Cafe Desire Machines are efficient for any office, factories, school, colleges, hospitals, catering houses, public events or cafes. The possibilities are endless for having tea or coffee at your finger tips. This is the easiest machine that dispenses Tea or Coffee whenever you want. To check all Cafe Desire products that are available in Nepal please click Shop Now or Click View All Products for more.

Similarly we have Canova a Professional Fully Automatic Espresso Machine and are available in direct Sale. The professional fully automatic feature of machine will dispense Americano, Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso on touch of a button. Even a 4 year old can dispense your perfect cup of coffee on a touch of a button. This will remove the need for professional hired barista that will save you lot of money in the long run. If you are small cafe or restaurant business owner who wants to sell beans coffee but are afraid by the additional cost of having a coffee machine and not seeing return on investment then CANOVA – Professional Fully Automatic Coffee Machine will be the correct investment. To purchase CANOVA – Professional Fully Automatic Coffee Machine and its related products that are available in Nepal please click Shop Now for more

Adhrit Inc is a parent company that holds the cafe brand “Canova Cafe” that aims to serve healthy and good food at reasonable prices. At Canova Cafe we love to serve people by providing a Luxurious environment, a good healthy food at affordable prices. We never compromise our service standards for money because we at Canova Cafe are not in business for making money but we are in business for creating a brand image that explains for itself to be an affordable coffee and food brand. We aim to provide affordable good food and coffee that we ourselves love to eat. We promise we would not serve you anything that we are not happy about.