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Cafe Desire Vending Machine Service – FAQ

Why water low beeping even though I have full water bubble on top?

Check Bubble cover and see if the hole in bubble cap is small that is not dispensing water properly in Vending Machine. Try to remove the cap of bubble cover and re-load water bubble in the machine. Check if the water is being loaded or not.

Even after this water low beep is still there try to rotate the water bubble then the sensor will read the water level and beep will disappear.

Call Cafe Desire technician if your problem is still not solved – Phone: +977 9801020300

How to Flush Cafe Desire Vending Machine?

To Flush Cafe Desire 4 Option Vending Machine:

First place a Cup at the bottom of dispenser

Press Stop button 4 times

Display will show “Flush Machine”
Press any “Bev 1” or “Bev 2” or “Bev 3” or “Bev 4” button

Machine will automatically flush.

To Flush Cafe Desire 2 Option Vending Machine:

First place a cup at the bottom of dispenser

Press  “Hot Water” button

Machine pipes are cleaned

Please remember to flush machine morning during startup and evening before shutdown. Also if the machine has been idle for long period flush machine once that will give you hot drink and prevent from appearing unwanted insects in your drink

Do I Need To Flush Cafe Desire Vending Machine Everyday?

Yes you have to flush Cafe Desire Vending Machine everyday. Flushing cleans the pipes that dispenses coffee and will prevent from clogging up the pipes and avoids attention by insects or ants.

Why Cafe Desire VM doesn’t go to program mode?

Sometimes even if you keep pressing stop button the Vending Machine doesn’t go to program mode.
To fix this you can do following:

Cafe Desire 4 Lane Vending Machine

  1. Press Stop Button once
  2. Machine will display “Half Drink”
  3. Press Bev 3 continuously
  4. VM will display “Extra Program”
  5. Keep pressing the Bev 3 button
  6. Then “Password” will display
  7. Display board shows “Global”
  8. Make “Global” to “Normal” and then save.

Cafe Desire 2 Lane Vending Machine

  1. Same process as 4 Lane but press “Half Drink” button instead of “Bev 3” button.


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  1. How to adjust the water flow so that all four hoppers give same water. In my machine two pumps little water and two pump a lot of water. I would like all to pump same amount of little water

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