Our Core Values

We live by following five core values and these are the values that provide direction on how we move forward. We will make sure all the business activities are lined against these core values.

1. Make Luxury Affordable

We strive to make normal people feel luxurious by providing them reasonable priced products and services that are previously thought as luxury.

How we achieve this

We make sure the products and services are presented in luxurious way. Take continuous feedback with customers to make sure it is actually affordable. If you feel like the price is too high for the value of product or service please raise it in your next team meeting. Post it into Team whatsapp group so that everyone is aware of it and  take action immediately.

2. Welcoming everyone

Every person will be greeted with a smile on our faces.
This welcoming culture will be applicable with all people ie. customers, colleagues, employees or vendors.

How we achieve this

Say hello to everyone in the team, customers and vendors with a smile on the face. Know what they are up to, make sure you understand their feelings. Respond accordingly making them welcome by understanding everyday is not same.

3. Know what we sell

We will make sure all our employee know about each and every product we sell.
We understand knowledge of product and services that we sell is key for our business growth and sustainability so clarity in product we sell is key value we adore.

How we achieve this

Try out the products and services we sell. Know inside outs of the products and services we sell. Make sue we can explain why these products and services are on display for sale.  

4. Have fun, innovate & grow

We must have fun along with the job we do. Our focus is to encourage a happy life of our employees.
We encourage our employees to Innovate as we know key to our business growth is innovation. And we understand growth is the only satisfaction in everyone’s life, to grow we must innovate and bring in new ideas.

How we achieve this value

We are happy bunch of people working together and enjoy our job thinking this is not our job but the way of life we live. We must innovate new products and services that we feel are necessary for the society. Our innovation must be based on our core vision and prove we could deliver to our promise.

5. Embrace Change

Change is unavoidable, we must understand in this fast changing world we must be flexible to change and adapt to new business conditions in order to maintain sustainability and vitality in our business.

How we achieve this value

Check out what is happening in society. Where the youth are moving, what are new things that are appearing in social media. Must observe these new trends and social changes and adapt our products and services based on those things.