Canova Coffeemachines


Why to Choose CANOVA – Fully Automatic Espresso Machine?

  • High level service guarantee
  • High customer retention
  • Fastest growing automatic espresso machine brand
  • No need to hire special staff to operate espresso machine
  • Cost savings on machine purchases
  • Solid ROI for machine investment
  • More than 100% ROI on each cup of coffee sold

Return on Investment (ROI) – Purchase of Machine

(No barista experience required)

1 Barista Minimum Month Salary = Rs 20000

For 12 months Total Salary to be paid out to 1 Barista = Rs 240000

(This estimate is based on 1 year warranty period covered by CANOVA Fully Automatic Espresso Machine)

CANOVA  Coffee machine – Return on Investment in less than a year.

Canova Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Canova fully automatic coffee machine

Canova Automatic Espresso Machine dispensing Latte on touch of button

latte on canova coffee machine

Canova Automatic Espresso Machine dispensing cappuccino on touch of button

cappuccino on canova coffee machine