Canova Fully Automatic Coffee Machine General FAQ

How to clean bean container of Canova fully automatic coffee machines?

  • Please do not use water to wash the beans container, it will damage the grinder.
  • Please use a dry rag or a paper towel to clean the residual grease if any in the bean container.
  • Be careful with the bean container cover, it is made from food-grade and environmental materials might crack.
  • Please gently pick it up and put it down, and never let it fall down.
  • If the bean container lid is damaged, please contact Canova local office.

How to disassemble and clean the Milk Frother unit of Canova fully automatic coffee machine?

In order to guarantee the fine and smooth milk foam, please clean the milk frother every day.

  1. Carefully take off the milk frother.
  2. Disassemble each part of the milk frother thoroughly.
  3. Wash the parts with running water.
  4. Reassemble the milk frother, and install it to the coffee machine. Then the milk frother cleaning is completed.

How important is regular maintenance of Canova fully automatic coffee machine?

Regular maintenance and keeping hygiene is a common sense that has to be applied not only in fully automatic machines but for any coffee machines. Regularly maintained automatic coffee machines guarantees the optimum coffee outcome and also the lifetime of your coffee machine significantly increases.  Canova fully automatic coffee machine has carefully crafted award winning technical parts and when it comes to perfect coffee smooth operation of the machine, the cleanliness, the hygienic handling of milk, recommended coffee and water quality have equal roles.

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