Canova Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Service – FAQ

How to fix if brew unit comes down and cannot insert tray in Canova Coffee Machine

Sometimes due to various reasons the brew unit comes down and cannot insert tray in Canova Coffee Machine. Some reasons for this problem might be
  • Coffee cakes stuck in brew unit
  • Due to power fluctuation brew unit got stuck in the middle.
  • While operating machine main power switch was turned off manually due to which brew unit got stuck.
To fix this issue please check this video and do as shown in the video. If the issue is not resolved or you are not sure how to fix the issue even after checking the video contact Canova representative on 9801020300

Canova Machine is showing “Empty Tray” but I already emptied the tray.

This is the common problems that we get reported on our Canova machines. Relax it is not a major issue.

Please check following points to resolve the problem:

  1. Have you removed the tray from the machine and emptied it? I guess you have already in case you haven’t please do so it will be resolved.
  2. Clean the two metal stripes at the end of the tray and the hole where the metal stripes gets inserted in the machine. Please remember to wipe it off with clean cloth and check if any coffee residue is still on the metal stripes.

This should resolve the issue, even if not fixed then contact CANOVA – Technician on 9801020300 

CANOVA Coffee machine showing “Decalcify” on screen

This is important message CANOVA machines shows to its owner. Machine is telling you to decalcify the machine to make sure its brew unit and grinder units are clean.

If you know how to decalcify and have decalcification powder then go through decalcification.

If you don’t know, Please contact CANOVA representatives on 9801020300

2 thoughts on “Canova Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Service – FAQ

    1. You might be using oily beans that is not recommended.
      Please empty the beans and check if any oily substance is in the grinder, please clean it.
      If not fixed
      Please contact 9801020301 or 9801020300 for this issue.

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